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Vegetable Yogurt Sandwich – Indian Healthy Breakfast


If you want something healthy yet yummy in your breakfast, here is a super quick and tasty recipe for you from my collection. It’s a simple …

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Easy Chilli Soya Corn Recipe


Making Chill Soya with Corn is a very simple and easy recipe which you can make in just few minutes. Though it’s a vegetarian dish , …

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Spicy Cabbage Curry with Mustard Sauce


Cabbage is a vegetable with which we can make a variety of dishes. It takes a few minutes to cook yet tastes yummy. This leafy vegetable …

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Rajma Tomato Curry – Kidney Beans With Tomato Curry


Kidney Beans, also known as Rajma, is a well-known pulse that is extensively used all over the world in the preparation of variety of dishes, particularly …

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Cauliflower with Yogurt Gravy – Curd Cauliflower Curry


Cauliflower is a vegetable, that you can cook in different variations, and Cauliflower with curd is a kind of combination, which tastes great. This dish is …

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Tangy Lemon Vermicelli Upma – Semiya Upma Recipe


Vermicelli or Semiya Upma is one of such recipes that your children will love most, whether it packed as tiffin or for the breakfast. It only …

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Spicy Spaghetti with Red Sauce – Red Chilli Pepper Pasta Recipe


Spaghetti or Pasta is one of the most favourite item of kids and teenagers, and it does not take too much time to cook. As I …


Bhindi Masala Recipe – Spicy Fried Okra


Bhindi or Okra is one of the frequently made item at my home. It does not take a lot of time for preparation or cooking. Okra …

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Sweet Fried Brown Rice Recipe – How to Cook Veg Brown Rice


Brown Rice is whole grain rice. It has a mild, nutty flavor, and is chewier and more nutritious than white rice. Brown rice and white rice …