Orange Custard Recipe


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Custard is the most easiest dessert one can make and if we pair up this yummy sweet dish with fresh, sweet, juicy,nutritious Oranges, what can be better than this. This creamy custard with a splash of citrus flavour of orange can brighten your day. It’s a light and delicious  dessert. You can also try few similar recipes like fruit custard, custard pudding etc .

Image : Orange Custard

orange custard 1


Important :

  • Preparation Time : 10 minutes
  • Cooking time : 10 minutes
  • Total Time : 20 minutes
  • Serve For – 4

Ingredients :

  • Milk (1/2 ltr or 500 ml)
  • Custard Powder (3 tbsp)
  • Sugar (6 tbsp)
  • Fresh Orange (2)

Images : 

Add 3 tbsp custard powder in a bowl

orange custard 3

Add milk

orange custard 4

Make a smooth paste

orange custard 5

Boil milk by adding sugar

orange custard 6

Boil until the sugar dissolves into milk

orange custard 7

Take the saucepan out from the flame and add the custard paste

orange custard 8

Keep stirring the milk constantly while adding the paste or it will form lumps in your custard

orange custard 9

Put the saucepan again on flame and cook for 2-3 minutes

orange custard 11

Separate pulp from oranges

orange custard 10

Place pulp in a serving bowl

orange custard 12

Then add custard mix and serve with orange piece and cherry

orange custard 13

Tips : 

  • While making the paste with custard powder, make sure the milk is cold.
  • Add orange pulp only before serving
  • Serve cold.

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  1. Abhijit Ganguly says:

    I tried your orange custard recipe few days back . Terrific ! absolutely a runaway hit. Congratulations.

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