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Pumpkin Flower Fritters – Kumdo Phooler Bora


Pumpkin Flower Fritters or Kumdo Phooler Bora is a very famous Bengali snack item. The basic ingredient of this dish is blooming pumpkin flower. It is …

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Coconut Dates Kheer Recipe – Nariyal ki Kheer


Coconut Dates Kheer or Nariyal ki Kheer is a soothing blend of milk and coconut with a flavour of sweet dates. It’s an Indian dessert, specially …

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Macaroni and Cheese with White Sauce – Pasta Italiano


This Macaroni and Cheese or the famous Mac ‘n’ Cheese recipe is traditionally an Italian dish. Personally I love the flavour and taste of this dish, …

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Egg Noodles Recipe – Egg Veg Chowmein


Egg Noodles is an Indo-Chinese dish which is easy to prepare at home for dinner or heavy snacks. It takes about 30 minutes to prepare this delicious fast food. …

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Shrimp Cutlet Recipe – Prawn Pakora


Shrimps or Small Prawns are very flavourful, and they have such beautiful aroma which can add delicious flavour in any dish. Shrimps are one of my all …

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Orange Custard Recipe


Custard is the most easiest dessert one can make and if we pair up this yummy sweet dish with fresh, sweet, juicy,nutritious Oranges, what can be …

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Coriander Leaves Pakora – Dhania Patta Pakora


Coriander Leaves Pakora or Dhone Patar Bora is a very famous snacks of Bengal. Through the winter season, Bengalis often make this yummy pakoras as a side …

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Custard Pudding – Dessert Recipe


If you are craving for something sweet yet easy dessert in this new years eve, nothing could be better than this Custard Pudding. You can also …

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Dahi Phuchka – Dahi Puri – Indian Chat Recipe


Dahi Puri or Dahi Phuchka is a very popular and tasty Indian chat made of yogurt and crispy puris. There are many variations of this extremely …