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Chosir Payesh – Bengali Dessert


Chosir Payesh or Chosi Kheer is one of the most popular dessert of West Bengal. We usually make this payesh in the time of Sankranti or during the …

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Pumpkin Flower Fritters – Kumdo Phooler Bora


Pumpkin Flower Fritters or Kumdo Phooler Bora is a very famous Bengali snack item. The basic ingredient of this dish is blooming pumpkin flower. It is …

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Prawn Malai-Curry – Traditional Chingri Malaikari


Prawn Malai Curry or Chingri Malaikari is a Bengali delicacy. This recipe is the authentic version of Chingri Malaikari. In this recipe, jumbo prawns are cooked in …

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Doi Fulkopi – Spicy Cauliflower Yogurt Curry


Here is another dish with cauliflower, Doi Fulkopi. This dish is a bit spicy and definitely gives a variety to your regular Bengali lunch or dinner …

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Chaler Payesh Recipe – Bengali Rice Pudding


Chaler Payesh or Bengali Rice Pudding is a dessert, that has a perspective of its own for Bengalis. Be it your birthday, your baby shower, your …

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Doi Potol – Dahi Parwal – Bengali Vegetarian Recipe


This recipe is specially dedicated to my mom. She is an expert to make this Doi Potol, and since my childhood, I am a huge fan of …

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Malpua Recipe – Indian Dessert


Malpua is a common dessert in Bengal and Orissa and is cooked in every household during poush sankranti or makar sankranti. Bengali sweets are the best in India. Even …

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Kesari Kheer – Indian Rice Pudding Recipe


Kesari Kheer or Kesar Payesh is a creamy Indian rice pudding cooked with rice and milk and is flavoured with cardamom and kesar. Lots of dry …

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Coriander Leaves Pakora – Dhania Patta Pakora


Coriander Leaves Pakora or Dhone Patar Bora is a very famous snacks of Bengal. Through the winter season, Bengalis often make this yummy pakoras as a side …