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Kochur Loti Chingri Curry – Taro Stolon with Prawns


Kochur Loti with Chingri is one of the most popular Bengali delicacy. I know it’s an off bit green vegetable and difficult to find, but you …

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Spicy Doi Potol


Doi Potol is a popular Bengali recipe and the Spicy version of this dish is a big hit in my home. I also have another Doi …

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Kakrol Pur – Stuffed Teasel Gourd


Kakrol Pur or Stuffed Teasel Gourd is a very popular Bengali recipe. This dish is a kind of pakora or fritters, crispy outside but soft and juicy …

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Beguni Recipe – Crispy Eggplant Finger


Beguni is a very famous and mouth-watering snack from Bengal. I have made this very popular snack in a little different way, and its called Eggplant …

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Coconut Pakora


Coconut Pakora or Narkoler Bora is a very popular recipe from Bengal. It is very easy to prepare and is much similar to our regular pakora dishes but …

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Mini Rasgulla – Rasgulla Recipe


Rasgulla or Rasogolla is a traditional Bengali sweet. Today I have tried this Mini Rasgulla for making Bengali Rasmalai or Chanar Payesh, and they have turned …

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Dimer Dalna – Egg Curry – Bengali Recipe


Egg Curry or Dimer Dalna is one of the special non-veg delicacy from heart of Bengal. It’s all housewives answer to an empty pantry, busy weeknights and …

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Keema Matar Ghugni


Keema Matar is a delicious Indian Curry which is very popular in the Northern and Eastern part of India. In Bengal this recipe called Ghugni. In …

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Begun Bhaja


Begun Bhaja is one of the most popular dishes of Bengal. There are a lot of variations to cook this fried eggplants, but I prefer to cook them …