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Pumpkin Flower Fritters – Kumdo Phooler Bora


Pumpkin Flower Fritters or Kumdo Phooler Bora is a very famous Bengali snack item. The basic ingredient of this dish is blooming pumpkin flower. It is …

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Shrimp Cutlet Recipe – Prawn Pakora


Shrimps or Small Prawns are very flavourful, and they have such beautiful aroma which can add delicious flavour in any dish. Shrimps are one of my all …

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Coriander Leaves Pakora – Dhania Patta Pakora


Coriander Leaves Pakora or Dhone Patar Bora is a very famous snacks of Bengal. Through the winter season, Bengalis often make this yummy pakoras as a side …

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Dahi Phuchka – Dahi Puri – Indian Chat Recipe


Dahi Puri or Dahi Phuchka is a very popular and tasty Indian chat made of yogurt and crispy puris. There are many variations of this extremely …

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Grilled Onion Cheese Sandwich Recipe


Sandwiches are always considered as the best evening snacks for your family and kids, and kids always demands for different stuffings and variety. Onion Cheese Sandwich …

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Crispy Prawn Balls – Fried Prawn Balls Recipe


Prawn is one of my all time favorite item and for that reason I am very experimental with prawns. Prawn Balls can be made in various ways …

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Smoked Corn on the Cob Recipe – How to Roast Corn on a Gas Stove


Roasted Corn on the Cob is one of the most popular evening snack in my home. It’s a very easy to make as well as very …