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Aloor Dum


Aloor Dum is a traditional Bengali recipe that we use to make during the Puja season along with Luchi (puri) and Khichuri. We also include this spicy …

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Coconut Barfi


Coconut Barfi is a popular Bengali sweet that we use to make during this festive season. It’s a very easy to make recipe and takes only …

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Coconut Paneer – Easy Recipes


Coconut Paneer is a very easy to make and delicious Indian curry. In this recipe, soft Paneer pieces are cooked in rich coconut and mustard base gravy. …

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Chocolate ladoo – Dessert Recipes


Chocolate Ladoo is a very easy and simple no-cook recipe that you can make within a few minutes. This ladoos are filled with the yumminess of …

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Coconut Chutney


Coconut Chutney is a very simple South Indian side dish, and goes very well with idli, dosa, uttapam and many more dishes. It is an easy …

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Hariyali Paneer – Paneer Recipes


Hariyali Paneer is cooked with some fresh green herbs and tastes quite different from the other paneer recipes. In this recipe, paneer cubes are cooked in …

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How to Make Paneer – Cottage Cheese


Paneer is an unsalted Indian Cottage cheese, which is used to make a range of Indian spicy as well as sweet dishes. Though we can buy …

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Malai Ladoo – Indian Sweets


Malai Ladoo is a very simple recipe which you can make by using only two ingredients, Paneer and Condensed milk. This is one of the instant …

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Honey Glazed Chicken Recipe


Honey Glazed Chicken is a very simple recipe which takes a while to cook. It has a different taste from ordinary chicken and a light meal …