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Fish Egg Bhurji – Fish Egg Fry


Here is one more off bit non vegetarian dish, Fish Egg Bhurji. Various fresh water fishes such as Ruhi, Katla , Hilsa have eggs, but seasonal , …

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Chicken Kosha


Chicken Kasha is a typical Bengali recipe. It is very popular and almost prepare in every Bengali household. In this recipe, Chicken pieces are cooked in …

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Loitta Macher Jhuri – Bombay Duck Fish Curry


Loitta or Lote Macher Jhuri is a spicy fish curry, very popular throughout Bengal. This fish is known by different names and spellings. In West Bengal …

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Raw Banana Kofta Curry


Raw Banana Kofta Curry or Kanchkolar Borar Jhol is a very popular Bengali recipe. This dish is also very famous in the other parts of India. Raw …

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Dim Kosha – Egg Curry


Dim Kosha or Egg Kosha is a recipe from Bengal. It is a spicy egg curry where hard-boiled eggs are cooked in flavourful onion and tomato …

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Bengali Pulao Recipe


Being a Bengali, I have to remind you all, that Durga Puja is just a few days away. In this auspicious occasion, we use to make …

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Gobi Pakora


Gobi Pakora or Cauliflower Pakoda or Phulkopir Bora is a tasty deep-fried snacks. This pakoras are made with small florets of cauliflower dipped into a thick …

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Cauliflower Rezala Recipe


Cauliflower Rezala or Phulkopir Rezala is a Bengali curry adapted from the Nawabs, when they ruled Bengal and its popularity expanded slowly among people. Rezala is immensely …

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Nolen Gurer Payesh Recipe


Noen Gur or Khejur Gur is very famous throughout Bengal. We use to make lots of traditional sweets and puddings with this delicious, aromatic and flavourful …