6 Ways to keep your Vegetables Fresh in Refregerator

Now a days our everyday life becomes so hectic that we couldn’t go to the market regularly for buying vegetables, and we have to store all the vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator for may be a week-long or more. But the problem arises when the vegetables started loosing their freshness and get rotten. There are few ways to keep your vegetables fresh in the refrigerator and get rid of all the worries you have.


How to Store Fresh Vegetables :

  1. At first you have to cut or remove all the rubber bands or any threads which have used to bind the vegetables and cut the rotten leafs.
  2. When you keeping the veggies into the refrigerator, do not keep them by wrapping with the plastic packets or plastic bags. Wrap them with a paper sheet or you can also use news paper. It helps to keep the vegetables fresh and prevent from moisture.
  3. If you want to store veggies after cutting them, you can use air tight containers or air tight plastic pouch which keeps them fresh for 2-3 days.
  4. Do not store fruits and vegetables together because fruits have high level of the ripening agent that can easily ripen and spoil surrounding vegetables.
  5. You should also remember that do not store your fresh herbs like Parsley leaves, coriander leaves with the heavy items like egg plant, cauliflower or tomatoes, or they will get smashed by them and loose their freshness easily.
  6. Make sure whatever you are keeping or storing in your refrigerator keep them in a good quality air tight container and most importantly keep your refrigerator clean for keeping your foods and veggies fresh.

These are some basic tips for keeping your vegetables fresh for long time. Hope this small tips may reduce your headache from everyday buying and storing veggies.

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