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Hi …

This is Arpita. The person behind this blog. I appreciate your interest in knowing about me…

My food blog Food Indian is a humble attempt at sharing my passion for food and cooking. I belong to a Bengali family, and to celebrate that you will definitely find a lot of Bengali flavour in this space. I started cooking when I was in school. I used to cook simple Indian dishes at that time with a twist of taste, and my family used to like it so much. I remember the first dish that I cooked, it was Sooji ka Upma when I was in 7th standard, and I was very excited about the reviews and remarks of my family. It did not turn out to be very good, but it did not suppress the passion for cooking in me.

I was a student of English Literature and have no formal training in cooking or food photography. Taking images of food is a learning process, a creative outlet for me and an enjoyable one at that. I have a soft corner for our Indian food, because I have tried and tasted a lot of cuisine from traditional Chinese to authentic Italian… but there is nothing better than the taste and flavour of our Indian cuisine.

The person, who encouraged me and constantly giving me the enthusiasm and support to start this blog and live my passion is my loving Husband. Currently he is the one who tastes and criticises my cooking, and gives me all the supports to continue my work.

I have started this food blog just to keep my recipes documented and from a hidden love for photography, but gradually as days passed by it got lots of exposure and my viewers started increasing. Hardwork never goes into waste. All the love, time and hardwork which I had put into this website has really paid off . This blog transformed me from a food lover to a full-time food blogger…

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for all your love and appreciation ….

Happy Cooking …. :)

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